Southern Dungeons and Dragons - Rappan Athuk

A long 3 weeks

We oriented the map and found this map to actually be accurate for once Journal. On our journey to the exit, however we had incurred some problems. Our first problem, was a broom that swept which Zordac felt was a foe, the broom was sweeping. After that, we went across the hall, and after Zordac opened the door, a group of large orgres, decided to turn him into a Pinata, our dwarven cleric, Katrina then had no choice but to step up, and guard the front. It was a long and fruitful battle. After the battle, we realized why the ogres were so Angry at Zordac. They had lined up their copper and silver and gold coins in lines and columns, and he ruined it. We ran into a paladin however, as well as a sorcerer that fell down the hole. We are certain to have found our Way out. As we left the hole, to the horizon we can only see a red dot to the horizon. It is too far away, but this is the second time we have seen it. We ventured back to town to sell of some of our goods. We encountered a band of bandits, some large venomous spiders and then made it to town. We spent the past 2 weeks there, we needed enchanted items, and I decided to paint for the next 2 weeks. In town we ran into Dracovich, the sorcerer, as well as Liege a Paladin of Muir, whats up with all these wannabe crusaders.’ The monk from the kobold fight was in town as well, so we all decided to return to rappan athuk. Despite fighting against a group of web spinning spiders during the night (I got payback on balthamere for cerbur for all the attacks on him, Balthamere was stuck in a web, so I conjured a Fire Elemental and ordered it to sit on him. Sweet vengeance. He now has a flaming butt imprint on his chest. The following night we encountered a pack of wolves, however me and the paladin managed to talk her down, and she let us live so long as we bring her the head of the high priest. I don’t mind it at all.

We finally made it to Rappan Athuk after 6 days of travel though, when we went down we decided to finish clearing the floor. We found writing in abyssal or celestial and the words were spoken in the other. I don’t remember which order it was. The doors were made of ebony, with a fancy lock. The Paladin was boasting, about how we shouldn’t enter because “NO ONE COULD UNLOCK THE DOOR” and said said something cowardly, however, I took that as a challenge, the guy wants to go down the Well, however he doesn’t want to go into the room. I brought out my tools, and unlocked the door. Click. Cerber (Kitty) charged inside, only to find….. Another Ebony door. Needless to say I opened it, and kitty went inside. The place was pretty grim looking, the Paladin moved in and saw that there was the antipaladin, and with one mighty blow almost dropped the paladin in half. I increased kitty’s size and sent him at the foe. With the first bite, he hit and missed. Balmathere then moved in and threw one of his alchemist fires on steroids at the skeletal paladin, however missed and hit kitty, who fortunately was immune to fire. Sadly I didn’t know what was going on in the other room, however I needed to nullify that skeleton’s greatsword, so I surged my eidolon to evolve his bites further, so that way he could grab hold of the skeleton with his bites which bit, but he couldn’t keep hold. The anti paladin cleaved the monk and the paladin. Dropping both the floor in an instant. Big red finally entered the room and channeled, and took up a place beside the ranger. Balmathere had to retreat for he knew he would be next for the slaughter house after the bomb he threw hit. the skeleton and the clerics started to channel. I would feel pain for a second, then the next the pain would reside. Was like putting my hands in cold water then warm water. Was pretty awkward. Kitty then took 2 more large bites, and the monk seemed awake and tried to save the muirian but he ended up getting slashed while on the ground. I thought about saving them, however I can’t all in well save a paladin, I have others to take care of and not only that, but Paladins, from what I had heard, believe in self-sacrifice. Had the ranger fallen, I decided to create a pit, however Katrina then moved up and finished the foul beast after Big Red was forced back. We had discovered that the Monk had passed away. The Paladin also broke the sword. I will gather it’s fragments, and offer it to my unholy lady.



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