Southern Dungeons and Dragons - Rappan Athuk

How Orcus Stole Christmas

Sorry Journal for not writing as of late. As we were exploring Rappan Athuk we met an ambush by were rats, and fortunately Cerb was able to escape and flee to find help. I did find an interesting man catcher trap, that would of hurt alot. They took us to an human barbarian the size of an Ogre, and one monstrosity of one at that. He was pretty brutal looking, even though he was a human. I definitely think he ate his dragon flakes in the morning. He locked us in a chamber, and mantacled us to the wall, and dropped a dagger. They let a group of dire rats in and said, that this was their definition of mercy. I had quickly escaped out of the mantacles, and grabbed the knife. My colleagues are all unconscious and after I killed the last one, the door opened. I saw a sight for sore eyes. I saw Faulx, Jadex, Big Red, Balmothere and a few others. We were saved. We continued walking forward however, and Balmothere gave me some glasses that allows me to look at gizmos up close to help disarm the traps. Pretty nifty. We were walking around exploring the dungeon, when all of the sudden the room became dark. My light spell, wasn’t functioning. I could hear combat and explosions, and then I decided, I needed a powerful light. I decided to summon a lantern archon to light our path, and what appeared were a group of black skeletons. Me and Sandy were alone for all I can see. 6 Black skeletons separating me, cerb (kitteh) and Sand from the group. She started to breathe like a dragon, and pushed them into a line, then more lights were shining, every few seconds there would be a blink of darkness, and the lights would be back on. Was one impressive light show. Turns out I passed up a secret door along the way. I will definitely continue to be searching for secret doors as we go. I did notice one thing, that paladin chick came back. If it wasn’t for her worshipping Muir, I would definitely ask her out. I am noticing that the source of a paladin and a clerics channeling is there holy symbols. Might be good to know for future reference.

I looked at the map that I had acquired and believe we might have found an exit. We also saw a secret door leading to a star shaped room so we went there, and we encountered a swarm of undead. Not one, not 20, but over 30 of them. Kitty held the front lines, so that way we can maintain a sense of strategy. By weakening those, he could take out three so people can maneuver safely to either side. We don’t want to be overrun. The battle went well, but sadly Sandy’s body is not moving. I don’t know whether she is dead or alive, but I had no choice but to grab her body. And carry her to safety. We did find a lot of magical items though which we could hopefully sell. This has been one hell of a day thus far and one merry Christmas.



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