Southern Dungeons and Dragons - Rappan Athuk

On the Road

Over the course of the last week, many attempts were performed to rid our party of the our various diseases. The most potent being “Pestilence.” A disease that has taken it’s toll on some members of our Party. It took us a few days as well as a significant donation on our part to the local clergy to heal us. During this time, Balmothere, got his chainshirt enchanted to a plus 1, and I myself donated 1081 gp into my raise dead just in case I suffer from an untimely death. The next few weeks we expect to be rough so we purchased a donkey, with a pack saddle, and 2 weeks worth of rations.

We are finally on the road, and nothing excited has happened. I will write down when anything does happen. Day 2, and nothing happened. Day 3, we had some visitors from some pretty pathetic thieves. one magic missle knocked one fully unconsious, will continue to work on the contract so this doesn’t happen. Day 4, boring. Day 5, we just had an encounter with the local guardsman. Evidently it is illegal to travel on this road. They call it the king’s road, although I don’t see any signs that says “No trespassing.” The paladin talked some sense into them. We are closer to rappan athuk, and closer to the treasure that I seek.



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