Southern Dungeons and Dragons - Rappan Athuk

The city of graves

Today we continued on our voyage to the dungeon known as rappan athuk, as we were walking I didn’t notice a tiger hidden nearby which assaulted me, and knocked me unconsious. After I had awoken to Big Red’s face, I decided that she is my new favorite healer. I looked around, and saw Izzy torn to bits and ribbons. I think we found all of his body parts. Sadly, Katrina despite this man killing beast laying unconsious and bound, she wanted to let the beast live. to decrease it’s life expectancy, Balmothere decided to trim it’s nails and all but one fang. The wizard, Dracovias, wanted to slay the beast nonetheless, and they argued for a few hours. I wanted to slice it’s throat, but alas. that’s the nature of the beyast. A druid showed up, and then eventually a winged person with a blinding light appeared. My poor useless beady eyes. He appeared, and told us all “don’t we have something better to be doing” as he revived the fallen tiger, and it scurried off. We ventured on wards, and as we were coming down a hill, we saw a dwarven monk being chased by a group of Kobold’s which was hilarious. WE walked around and noticed several graves of famous people, but none that worshipped Hecate. We found a nice statue, but I feel there maybe something important left behind. This area has 3 mauseleums, one of which we decided to enter. It had green stone, and appeared to not be magical. Green and Stone should never mix unless it is Jade, or something shiny like an emerald. As we tried to enter, Jadex, the druid tried to beat down the door, and created only more work for me. I decided to bring out my trusty thieves tools, and show him how it’s done. We looked in the area, and found that the coffins were not sealed, but for how long we may never know. As I was investigating the main coffin, we were attacked by skeletons, wearing armor and shield. I was worried something scarier would come out from this coffin, but fortunately nothing had. We did find something very discomforting though outside, outside it had a grave stone already made, as well as the grave. It read “Katrina”



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