433 max

Rogue Summoner
Alignment LN

Born and raised as an orphan in the city of Bard’s Gate, he was taken in by the clergy of Hecate. Taught that theft should only be used to assist with children and single mother’s, he set out in search of fame and glory when he heard of the priestess who has been punished by Hecate and transformed her into stone in a dungeon known as “Rappan Athuk.” She holds an ancient ring, which has the ability to transform the owner’s form. According to Hecate’s manuscripts hell hounds and multi-headed creatures are sacred, and that if one becomes a chosen, he will receive one during his quest. Upon arriving in Zelkor’s Ferry, he met with a Bard who challenged Oliver’s skills to a test. If he could survive and make it to the second floor, he would receive 1 gold piece.

He has grown a close friendship with the Half Orc cleric of Mitra, Big Red as well as the Barbarian, Zordac. The Alchemist, Balthomere and him haven’t gotten along well during the recent travels but are cooperating. The Paladin, who frequently joins the party has become aware of Oliver’s Deity but as of now hasn’t taken any actions against him.


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